Why Alacrity Network?

Alacrity Network is the most usable blockchain on the market. No more complex wallet operations, addresses, or advanced knowledge required. Alacrity Network is the only blockchain that allows applications to draw data from the entire internet using its powerful universal oracle.

Alacrity Users can perform all Alacrity functions through the website and associated desktop application. Every user gets a simple user name which replaces complicated wallet addresses and can swiftly transact with their crypto, ALA, in seconds- for free.

Alacrity Network

The Alacrity Network is a novel approach to blockchain that has been built to solve the challenges facing the internet and existing blockchains.

The Alacrity network provides the user with the best framework to use crypto as a payment system and to use various blockchain applications.

With Alacrity, users can send coins for free online using a simple web app and access robust dapps and applications with a click of a button. Alacrity is the best blockchain network for users, investors, and dapp developers.

The Alacrity Network also gives developers the most robust toolkits to build critical new applications. The development environment on Alacrity is a true evolution beyond other blockchains providing full oracle functionality, free transaction, high transaction capacity, decentralized storage, and other crucial innovations to make Alacrity the #1 choice for Dapp developers.

Though there are others, Alacrity’s innovative approach with its unique blend of features and technical advantages will see it be the first to achieve this milestone.

Benefits of Alacrity Blockchain Technology

Free Transactions

Decentralized Storage

Integrated Easy to use Web App

How Alacrity Network Works

  • Create an easy to use account
  • Receive and purchase ALA Coins
  • Access the Alacrity Blockchain
  • Use the best Dapp Network
  • Participate in Network Voting