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Decentralised Storage

Alacrity provides every user and application with access to storage solutions that can be expanded as much as needed. Rather than storing all the data in the blockchain, Alacrity lets you connect external storage and interact with that data via applications.

The Alacrity Oracle

Alacrity is the first blockchain network to offer a fully integrated Oracle application built into the core framework. Oracles allow applications to access information from external sources, enabling Alacrity to be the home of the most robust applications on the blockchain.

The Alacrity Oracle is a unique Universal Oracle able to extract any data and is applicable to any industry. Many existing Oracle solutions only work for specific types of applications.
Alacrity’s innovative Oracle exists as an integrated part of the network, not as a third party service. The same block producer nodes which maintain the network also maintain the Oracle services.

This Oracle is decentralised, and secure with data fetching spread across many different nodes. Each node is prevented from making any changes to that data, so in the event where an attempt is made to change the data from a request, it would unsync that Oracle from the network.

Even though the Alacrity Oracle is secure and distributed, it features a full, transparent, audit trail so anyone can monitor the results fed through it.


Alacrity’s DNS system allows each user to register a simple human readable username which can be used to make transactions and for interacting with the network.

To illustrate:
Other networks require you to send coins using an address like this

Alacrity simply requires you to type in a username like: IloveAlacrity

Our DNS system allows applications to be given simple names and provides the framework for an Alacrity Browser that facilitates simple navigation. The Alacrity Browser launches in 2020.

Smart Contract

Alacrity network enables the creation of smart contracts, whose execution and resource consumption is handled just like a typical application running on an operating system. The smart contract will run on the Alacrity nodes, whose persistent data is stored on the node’s RAM and events of actions are stored and synced on the blockchain. Smart contracts will be written in C++.

We abstract the blockchain complexity so you can focus on building great apps.

Keep Application secure using our Network
Keep auth and smart contracts on-chain
Create everything with our Libraries

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