Blockchain technology is on track to transform the world as we know it, with the sky as the limit, many industries stand to gain when it reaches its true potential. While digital innovation remains the driving force behind all things in society today, certain limitations and concerns go unchecked.

As we move deeper into the digital age where users lean heavily on storing precious data, processing monetary transactions and building a financially rewarding community on digital platforms, demand for data privacy and efficiency continues to rise. Calling to action effective solutions such as Alacrity, a network exclusively designed to secure protection for netizens while providing a user experience like no other.

Alacrity To Shape The New Internet

Studies suggest that the current internet is governed by big corporations. Technology companies yet to solidify their reliability and overall user experience. In order to eradicate paranoia and secure peace of mind where data and privacy is concerned, today’s digital user needs more control and efficiency.

At one time or another, the thought may have crossed your mind, how secure are my digital transactions or am I getting the best value on the market. Rest assured you are not alone, others have wondered about unsolicited data collection despite privacy policies currently in place. So how much is your peace of mind really worth?

Alacrity explores these issues, placing privacy and securing at the forefront. With a platform designed with the user in mind, this life changing network offers sophisticated data encryption, crafted to protect the user in a simplified easy to use format.

Crafted for people and packed full of benefits and rewards, this groundbreaking technology is on a mission to demystify Blockchain by making things easier for everyone.

Alacrity facilitates this user friendly approach using a selection of tools including decentralised storage, a universal oracle, SDK tools and many more. All this just at the click of a button, grouped together on one convenient platform.

The Alacrity Network is built around the user. Every aspect of its platform is based around simplifying the blockchain experience, ensuring it is as smooth and easy to use as the internet. Blockchain can only displace the internet when it becomes as easy to use and as useful as the current standards. This is the goal with Alacrity.

Alacrity incentivises developers through multiple financial rewards, promoting a win win basis for all involved. This network financially rewards Developers for creating applications, rewarding Nodes, Voters and Witnesses for maintaining the network. No matter who you are, if you use the Alacrity network you can earn rewards through a system designed for growth.

The network offers free transactions allowing application experiences users are used to, after all no one wants to pay to use an application. Accommodating a nurturing environment that facilitates creativity, developers are able to use the platform to build transaction free applications that can be enjoyed by all.

Alacrity’s Latest Innovation – The ALA Coin

The network is proud to unveil ALA, a fluid financial resource designed to empower the next generation of apps. Essentially a backbone for the entire ecosystem, this innovative digital currency enables developers to build decentralised applications. 

All apps running on the network will require this coin to facilitate transactions and use resources like processing power and network bandwidth needed for operating apps on Alacrity. 

The ALA Coin in Action

Users will be able to use the new coin for participation in the Alacrity ecosystem including using it vote, voting allows an opportunity to govern the growth and development of the system. 

Efficiency at its peak, ALA is one of the fastest ways to move money worldwide. Transactions clearing in mere seconds and the ALA ones processing completely free of charge.  Coins are conveniently stored in Alacrity Wallets and can be used to send near instant, zero cost transactions. Alacrity transactions made using the network’s new digital currency are all publicly auditable and visible through the ‘Alacrity Explorer’.

Like with most things, the need and demand for ALA will inherently increase as the network grows. The coin’s demand will reflect growth in user base, accommodating more developers and activity. Coin holders will enjoy direct financial rewards. All users who vote on the network earn ALA based on how votes they have casted, all developers who build applications earn ALA based on the success of their applications.

Securing the ALA and Network Benefits

The ALA coin sale is now live and ready for purchase from Alacrity. Users can now secure coins directly from their wallets and start making the most of the services on offer. Financial rewards from Alacrity can be enjoyed straightaway with the use of the network and its services. 

This launch is the perfect opportunity to give a little back to users, early coin purchasers can take advantage of the discount on offer. 

Security at the Forefront

The network values privacy so the network has set up a highly protected system to prevent laundering and fraud using an advanced anti-fraud and verification feature. Additionally, live support is available for all users to ensure smooth accessibility and assistance. 

Amazingly, the Alacrity ecosystem features a public development fund that users can vote to determine spend to enhance the network. The future is brighter than ever, discover Alacrity today, sit back and unveil wondrous financial rewards. It all starts with you.