Alacrity scored a win today with the addition of Silicon Swamp in the network. This tech solutions developer platform is our latest technology partner.  

Silicon Swamp is a US based development firm made up of experienced talent from a diverse range of industries. Having built enterprise level applications and software for Fortune 500 companies, Silicon spearbeards innovative technology projects like blockchain networks and AI solutions. 

This new partner is responsible for creating the first fully integrated continuous improvement contract that allows companies to integrate smoothly with Silicon Swamp development resources in a way that mirrors an internal team, instead of an external agency.

We are proud to welcome Silicon Swamp to the Alacrity Network. As an international tech solution developer with many clients around the world, Silicon Swamp brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Alacrity. 

Silicon stands to benefit greatly from this partnership, with full access to Alacrity’s services, the combined technology and resources will mean success for both companies and all users within the network. 

Silicon Swamp joins an active and dynamic group of Alacrity members committed to achieving a secure, consumer-friendly, and transparent implementation of a global blockchain and crypto that break down financial and online security barriers for the world population.