Today, blockchain applications are widely talked about on an industrial level. Financial institutes and supply chain companies are all investing millions of dollars into experimenting with blockchain use cases. And they are succeeding at it.

However, if we go back to the first blockchain use case, bitcoin (BTC), we realise that it was meant to serve the people and the community before organisations. While bitcoin particularly focused on the aspect of financial freedom, there is more that can be achieved with blockchain technology.

The fundamental idea behind Alacrity Network is to make blockchain and its benefits accessible to all. At present, using the blockchain framework and accessing inherent functions is simplified enough for everyone’s use.

By introducing Alacrity Talking, Alacrity will make every feature of its blockchain network accessible through a single window. Alacrity Talking is a computer application, supported on both Windows and Mac, that gives users access to all functions within the Alacrity ecosystem. The fact that the application is not hosted on a centralised server makes users the absolute controller of the application. It makes the user’s device a pair node terminal and communicates directly using a blockchain command line. Hence, the user’s ID and password are only limited to the device, away from any online threats. The application security layer also deletes the private keys and password upon logging out.

Features of Alacrity Talking

The trademark property of Alacrity Talking is that it substitutes all the tech gibberish about blockchain with actual solutions that are easy to understand and use — for anyone.

Here’s how users will be able to utilize Alacrity Talking:

  1. Token Staking

Token Staking is one of the simplest ways to earn cryptocurrency rewards and experience digital economy without much risk. People still cannot reap the benefits due to the complex interface of blockchain platforms.

Using Alacrity Talking, community members can stake ALA tokens with one click and become voters on the network. It also provides a simple mechanism to increase, decrease or unstake one’s ALA tokens.

     2. Wallet and Rewards

Alacrity is a user-centric blockchain platform that ensures users are able to earn rewards in ALA for their contributions to the network. Using the Alacrity Talking application, users can easily claim their rewards over time and store it in the wallets, which is also available within the application. From there, they can either exchange the ALA tokens or use them within several applications in the ecosystem.

     3. Voting and Campaigns

Giving Alacrity users the power to vote is what ensures network decentralisation. Users on the network can stake their ALA tokens to elect nodes that run the network. They can elect nodes depending upon who they think deserves to validate transactions on the network.

Using Alacrity Talking, users can create campaigns to govern the network and decide on any changes that must be made to it.

    4. Buying Ram

While the general audience and users on the Alacrity Network will not require extra RAM, developers coding a new application might need extra bandwidth on the network for smoothly executing their codes and running their applications. Using the Alacrity Talking applications, they can buy extra bandwidth in a single click.


Alacrity Talking is the kind of blockchain application that brings blockchain use cases to people without them having to struggle through the complexities of the technology. It makes blockchain solutions as accessible as everything else on the internet today and also provides prominent security and control over credentials to all users.