Blockchain is a wonderful innovation, the 21st century idea to protect data, make secure transactions instantly and change the way we do business. However, it currently has limitations because it’s still a new concept, which needs fine tuning and developing to become fully immersible in the modern world. To gain traction worldwide and truly make a difference to business, steps need to be taken to ensure its future, allowing this new technology to grow. Let’s start with the simple first step to change the way we see Blockchain – first of all a greater understanding is needed worldwide, not just between tech experts but across the board.

A complicated subject, Blockchain needs clarity, because there’s so many aspects to it and many do not understand its core meaning, how it can be used as a tool to not just change the internet but affect positive change in a number of industries. You can watch lots of YouTube tutorials or read the latest blogs to get up to speed on this game changer, it will just take time and understanding for the rest of the world to catch on. While there are already hundreds of successful applications that are utilised, especially in finance, many still don’t recognise what Blockchain is capable of, with many applications not providing a reasonable connection with other Blockchains’, IoT and the internet.

Alacrity changes all of this by harnessing the true power of Blockchain, creating a powerful system with a built in oracle to form a stronger reference between applications, which in turn boosts performance and provides a valuable bridge between the outside world and smart contracts on the Blockchain. A revolutionary protocol that solves many issues facing current Blockchain’s, Alacrity also proves its value by having large decentralised storage which gives much greater control to the user, storing greater sums of data, while also promoting an owners right to identify and trust that their data is secure, compared to current technology and systems that give that power to a third party. Digitally storing it with an encryption to prevent changes but allowing a larger network the opportunity to view it is a stroke of technological genius.

However, high costs is another issue facing Blockchain, which run into millions of pounds due to the manpower needed to run the system. Alacrity helps to bring down fees by not charging a fee for each transaction, helping you save. To gain initial funds for a new Blockchain, typically they are raised through Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) or Initial Coin Offering (ICO), but Alacrity allows your coins to keep their original value by tying up the commodity in services offered by our platform, a win win for all involved. The Alacrity network rewards all of its users, from developers through to its shareholders, proving it is a valuable investment like no other.

Overall, Blockchain has the power to assist so many, it just needs to be shouted from the rooftops and recognised as a worthwhile product. It needs greater regulation and government involvement, helping to boost the economy and input this system successfully into banks, schools, healthcare and business. Many previous applications have shown glimpses of its potential, but Alacrity will be the first to truly innovate and make a mark in the industry, giving power back to users of the internet to make sure you have full control and ownership over your data.