Plenty of industries are jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon; with the banking, healthcare and property sectors just a few considering its value. At Alacrity, we offer the solutions to potential issues that have prevented the technologies progression worldwide:

Typically, stored information is held by a governing body or third party. This is a slow process, unreliable and often not secure. So why not use technology and a shared system of storage, spread across a number of nodes? Decentralised storage applications use a peer to peer system, meaning security in place with greater authenticity to perform transactions. It’s cheaper to run than traditional cloud-based technology and doesn’t require a dedicated server, so the owner has full control over data!

Blockchain is a clever invention, already helping a number of industries . However, current applications need a connection between the real world and the ‘blocks’ that store data and transactions. Step forward the Oracle, which acts as a link between the two and helps to execute smart contracts. The Alacrity software has a built-in Oracle, allowing users connection to the broader internet, other Blockchains and IoT for a smoother process.

Simply put, current applications do not feel personal. Although they store valuable data securely, it lacks the human touch. So Alacrity have taken this on board and created a personalised custom browser and a domain naming system, to give you greater creativity and control.

Who doesn’t want to be rewarded financially for their efforts? Behind every successful business idea, it’s usually the creators who reap the benefits. Alacrity rights this wrong by rewarding its developers too (the best performing nodes can expect to earn up to $50k a month), ensuring the correct schemes are in place to promote togetherness. Because we only deal with ALA coins on all transactions (2-5% generation of tokens each year), the true value of the business is never depreciating, sharing throughout the community.

Feel like Blockchains you have used in the past hinder your chances of developing? Many do not provide a toolkit, or even allow the opportunity to grow by creating your own. With Alacrity, we extend the olive branch to you, giving the user the necessary tools required to excel, including your own toolkit.

Have you ever had to pay VAT on top of a bill at a restaurant? There’s always frustrating added charges, and Blockchain runs a similar model. Usually applications charge a fee to boost the speed of your cryptocurrency transaction, meaning the higher the transaction fee, the quicker its processed. Want the good news? Every Alacrity transaction is free, so the user has less to worry about.