Cryptocurrencies have been all over the media lately. Crypto is opening up a space that will trigger a revolution like the personal computers did in the 1970s or the internet did in the 1990s. 

Nowadays, singling out one out of the many currencies can prove quite the challenge. However like with most things, it is essential to opt for something with true meaning and value. Great decisions such as these must be influenced by research, in order to select the digital currency that is right for you  look to the facts for guidance. 

Thanks to technological advancements and innovations such as Alacrity’s revolutionary blockchain protocol, the ALA coin was born. The network boasts a decentralised blockchain, fully equipped with essential features including a built in oracle. Alacrity’s ground breaking technology truly bridges the gap between the modern internet and decentralised applications.

Crafted for the people and packed full of rewards and benefits, Alacrity’s native coin the ALA is merely the tip of this iceberg. Below are some of the amazing reasons this latest digital currency of one to watch out for. 

Convenient & User Friendly

Alacrity brings all the tools that users and developers should have into one place. This all-in-one feature makes things even easier for developers and simple users.

Essentially a backbone for the entire ecosystem, Alacrity’s new innovative digital currency enables developers to build decentralised applications. All apps running on the network will require this coin to facilitate transactions and use resources like processing power and network bandwidth needed for operating apps on Alacrity. 

Investing now will be highly recommended thanks to the reduced initial cost, making your investment even more worthwhile. 

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Efficient for Developers 

Efficiency at its peak, the ALA coin is a fluid financial resource designed to empower the next generation of apps, enabling developers to build decentralised applications.

Developers stand to gain with use of the network and its ALA coin. Alacrity subsidises block rewards to Dapps on the network, so developers can earn two incomes from services and block rewards.  

As more products are built and used in the Alacrity blockchain, the adoption rate for ALA Coin will increase and its demand with it. This literally means you can easily turn a few hundred dollars into a huge amount of money with enough increase in demand.

Zero Transaction Fees

ALA is one of the fastest ways to move money worldwide. Transactions clearing in mere seconds and the ALA coin’s processing is completely free of charge. No one wants to be charged for using an application. On Alacrity developers can build applications without needing to charge any transaction fees.

This coin allows you to be a part of this very rewarding community, one that promotes growth and success. This is the main reason why all transactions made using the ALA coin as currency will be completely free of charge – allowing you more for a lot less. 

Secure Wallet 

Owning and storing ALA coins is as simple as having an intangible wallet that you carry around with you everywhere, without the hassle of actually carrying it, available digitally at the click of a button. 

Alacrity’s native coins are conveniently stored in the Alacrity Wallet. This wallet features a human readable name system that effectively removes the risk of error commonly experienced by typical wallets.

Alacrity’s wallet is accurate in its advanced digital set up so users can rest assured and let machines do all the work. Better yet, wallet transactions are as easy to understand as a bank statement! Innovation knows no bounds and Alacrity is hard at work on more cutting edge solutions.

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Alacrity Network wallets presents humane readable name system. Users can avoid dealing with technical errors or mistakes and rest assured knowing that the machines are doing all the work. Checking wallet transaction history is as easy to understand as looking at a bank statement. Innovation does not end there, there are much solutions solving problems under development.

Generous Reward System 

The ALA coin is on track for significant growth in value, coin investors will be able to transform their initial investments into respectable sums of money in no time at all. The need and demand for ALA will inherently increase as the network grows. 

Alacrity is a rewarding network that incentivises all community members for their participation in the network. Regardless of who you are, if you use the Alacrity network you can earn rewards through a system designed for growth.

Coin holders will enjoy direct financial rewards. All users who vote on the network earn ALA coins based on how many votes they have casted, all developers who build applications earn ALA coins based on the success of their applications. 

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The Freedom to Vote

ALA coins give you access to the network’s exclusive features, as a coin holder you will be able to vote.

The more coins you have, the more votes and these can be casted to you personally to keep your block producing position – also known as Node – certain for all elections and therefore greater reward.

If you want to learn more about ALA Coins, the powers of a decentralised blockchain and why ALA Coins are likely to increase in price over the coming months check: WHY Alacrity.

Total Independence

The ALA Coin is not dependent on any central authority. As a product of Alacrity, this digital currency is not subject to bank and associated ruling.

This means that in periods of bad management, rampant inflation, and economic issues, cryptocurrencies can hold value and still be a viable medium of exchange with no regards to domestic troubles. Essentially you will not require other state currencies to be your hedge.

Risk Free

The dreaded ‘bank run’, ring any bells? It never hurts to be more prepared, though it may seem unlikely right now bank runs can pop up anytime ready or not! 

Greece and Argentina are no strangers to this supposed phenomenon. In fact the last few years they experienced first hand how inconvenient a bank run can be. 

Luckily for you, your ALA wallet and coins within are completely safe and will go unscathed by any future bank run. Alacrity network offers a real solution for storing funds outside traditional banking systems. Get on board today and rest assured.