The future is decentralised internet, and when we say, decentralised, disruptive technologies like blockchain, comes strongly into attention. In order to bring decentralised internet to reality or to make the internet more accessible and open– the use of distributed web technologies, applications, and protocols is done.

“The term ‘Decentralised Web’ is being used to refer to a series of technologies that replace or augment current communication protocols, networks, and services and distribute them in a way that is robust against single-actor control or censorship.”– Jason Griffey 

Why is this actually necessary?

The de facto or centralised internet of today is largely controlled by governments and a few tech companies act as watchmen by determining and implementing policies for their users. Result? They control data, they earn billion dollars in revenue and dominate the industry with their weight of control.

The present problems of a centralised or a traditional internet

Internet users have “no choice” of content

Companies like Facebook, Google and others are paid by other companies to “showcase” their data based on a consumer search history. So nearly every information that a user sees is basically a repeat impression of his/her history. 

The privacy of users is always at stake

The big data breach of 2017, opened the eyes of every social media user online. With Facebook and Google always as doorkeepers, user personal information will always be at stake. This includes- social security numbers, addresses, birth dates, and in a few cases, drivers’ license numbers.

Single Point of Failure-Risks

Again the year 2017, thousands of websites went down, due to the failure of a massive internet outage. This was courtesy of Amazon Web Services’ failure. 

With the support of multiple authentications spread over various terminals, the problem of centralised control gets resolved in the blink of an eye. 

Benefits of a decentralised internet

  1. Establishes a history of ownership
  2. Supply chains can become more transparent and efficient 
  3. Voting System becomes fiasco-free
  4. Real Estate information or any other information becomes safe, secure, and locked in an untraceable block of an anonymous blockchain which is “unhackable”–with Alacrity 
  5. A decentralised database required less manpower and less investment in infrastructure development
  6. Digital Cash which is both easy, accessible and available.

How blockchain powers the decentralised internet?

On the blockchain network, data storage is shared across all the nodes present in the blockchain. As we know, blockchain holds smart contracts and a ledger of transactions that can be completed automatically when a few decided conditions are met. How is this appealing? Because in theory, it is less corruptible and more immune to any centralized control or political regulation. 

Alacrity Blockchain, which is now a part of a disruptive technological revolution, has been able to fix a few certain elements of previous set protocols of digital transformation–How? 


Alacrity blockchain, in order to establish only one standard internet- follows certain protocols that are only achieved with consensus agreement. These policies, established by only voting or consensus agreement, helps the internet evolve from its traditional and centralised approach unlike companies such as Google and Facebook with differing standards. In short, Alacrity overcomes this and solves the ‘interconnected’ problem without any penalty. 


Alacrity Blockchain values the “power of community” and being inspired by both digitisation and community, Alacrity has made a consensus agreement a practice when it comes to communication in-between applications. This communication procreates collaboration which further gives both invention and innovation an opportunity–a fundamental to growth. 

Additional Advantage besides decentralisation with Alacrity– For people who are a part of Alacrity Blockchain gets to enjoy “fearless transactions” as well. By overcoming the disadvantages of “conventional blockchain”–no traceable and no reversible transactions, the community at Alacrity blockchain can make transactions on a name basis only (at present to encrypted wallet addresses). 


Alacrity Network is economically effective since there is no “third party’ involved unlike traditional internet, where there always is a third intrusion. Forget error-free, the traditional internet is NOT reliable, and plenty of frauds, (at present the “YES Bank” fraud) are a just a hack away. Alacrity gives this independence with no ‘third charge’ and the community gets rewards on each successful transaction. 


Since the Alacrity is run on “more advanced and restriction (size)-free” blockchain, the framework protocol, by default is run by community votes. With the support of multiple authentications spread over various terminals, the problem of centralised control gets resolved in the blink of an eye. 

Final Words

Alacrity Blockchain is a small step towards a truly decentralized internet, where the whole governance is decentralised. The entire system is distributed over a “more advanced, reliable, and restriction-free” blockchain, the blockchain community as a whole grows and earns together, even for a single click. Stay tuned in with us, for more updates.