Blockchain is changing businesses, industries and now even the world. The technology that preaches decentralisation, is actually a movement that helps businesses define relationships through trust, transparency, and newfound collaborations. Within these past 5 years, innovators across all industries like financial services, healthcare, supply chains and more, are exploring ways to use blockchain. Why? In order to disrupt and transform traditional business models. 

Leaders who have so far adopted blockchain have achieved significant business benefits like increased efficiency, improved traceability, enhanced security, and speedy transactions all at a reduced cost. Read on to explore how advanced blockchains fascilitate these benefits.


Greater transparency

Transaction histories are now becoming increasingly transparent. How? All network participants share the same documentation. Meaning the shared version can only be updated through consensus agreement. For example, a single transaction record which has to be altered will require everyone’s (developers managing the blockchain) agreement. Ultimately, data is now more accurate, transparent and consistent. 

Improved traceability

This is highly beneficial for both financial systems and supply chains. How? An example – when a good exchange is recorded on a blockchain, you can trace the entire audit trail and know each and every delivery stop of that specific “item”. This process is known as fetching the historical transaction data which can make auditors work easy, confirm the authenticity of assets and prevent fraud. 

Enhanced speed and efficiency

Traditional paper-based transactions or even trading is always prone to human errors and does require third party mediation. When these processes are streamlined and automated with blockchains, transactions become faster, reliable and easy. 

However, apart from all these benefits, there are more advanced benefits that businesses can draw from scalable and upgraded blockchains- Alacrity- Scalable and Upgradable Blockchain 

What are these additional benefits? 

  • Alacrity network is scalable. Any decentralised application can now import data from outside of the blockchain and store meaningful data on blockchain structures. This will allow a range of applications to advance and perform on the blockchain, thus rendering the scalability issue that mostly blockchain tech is accused of today. 


  • Alacrity Network allows decentralised storage, DNS and an SDK developer tool kit, to provide more functionality to the platform. This will unlock more opportunities for developers who were earlier restricted to work on blockchains that were not scalable and had a capacity issue. 
  • Alacrity Network allows users to register on a wallet with easy human-readable name. Since blockchain-based wallet follows encrypted addressees, which are prone to errors. Alacrity steps on this and offers its users to transact on readable addresses thus reducing the pain of error-transactions. 
  • Alacrity Network is fast as it is built on the most advanced structure-Graphene. This is fast and highly scalable which means that innovation is now limited to the imagination.

With Alacrity, our effort lies in expanding our capabilities by making our blockchain, more scalable, reliable, accessible and easily available. Decentralised Developers can expand their portfolio, and users can vote for these applications. Alacrity will reward* the users and developers, for voting and developing the applications. Alacrity’s core interest lies in creating a balance and making the network decentralized in its truest sense. 

This is innovation in the most innovative disruptive technology there is today. Sign up with us, and get 20 ALA coins free (limited time offer) when you join our Telegram Community. Links below

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*Please note that only applications that have been voted the most and are successful in operations will gain ALA coins. Alacrity network DOES NOT choose applications. The success of the application is dependent only on user acceptance.