The sudden emergence of Covid-19 has caused a disruption in businesses and to the economy. Spreading like wild fire, this virus continues to restrict the lifestyle of millions. Healthcare systems are struggling to control this pandemic, and as a result, plenty of technological shortcomings have come to light. As these discrepancies become more visible, Blockchain is fast becoming a hot commodity and trendy solution.

Current technological limitations 

Outdated Health Surveillance Systems

The prevention and control of diseases classified as epidemic is a major health movement. In order to tackle this, surveillance systems are put in place to track and identify these illnesses. Some of the obstacles within a centralised health care system include security, privacy, cultural differences and language barriers. The exact location and source of an outbreak can be critical in identifying a cure. The way in which information was initially handled contributed the quick spread of Covid-19. Key statistics such as the number of deaths were supposedly manipulated, resulting in the perpetrator – China facing legal action.

The Blockchain Technology Solution 

The current healthcare surveillance system will always stand at a discriminative disadvantage due to centralisation. Continuing to be gravely impacted by underreporting and misuse of data. However, a decentralised alternative would allow national and local health agencies access to surveillance data, who in turn will retain access to the same system for regular data mapping. Since this system is secured and decentralised through blockchain, data remains protected and accessible by many organisations, allowing them to report or update information.

Data Management

National centralised systems are restricted to only state capitals, which means, that when outbreaks cross borders, local medical practitioners have very limited access to data. This data includes critical information about the outbreak, how to contain it and the best way to proceed. Access to this essential data is restricted to the public and from political influence.

The Solution

Fortunately, decentralised systems are the quickest way to communicate or report outbreaks like the Covid-19. For example, when a blockchain healthcare surveillance system is put in place, local medical practitioners can access real-time information regardless of political or governmental barriers. This enhances transparency, resulting in a more systematic, accurate and efficient approach.

Covid-19’s Impact, Unemployment and Feared Recession

Among other things, the now dubbed ‘Corona Virus’ has indeed ravaged our economy. As it stands, global share have been hit and nearly 90% of businesses have found themselves face to face with a combined loss of one billion dollars. As illustrated by the image below;



Image Courtesy- BBC

Evidently the Covid-19 pandemic has delivered one of the world’s fastest economic shocks in history. Consequently supply chains have destabilised, while consumer engagement depreciates and  job security plummets as unemployment continues to soar.

Blockchain to the Rescue

In light of this fast spreading pandemic and the measures being deployed to salvage the situation, people’s influence on the global economy is clearer than ever. This begs the question, what is the source of the economy’s current struggle? Could it be the quarantine and its crippling restrictions? Governments are clamouring to introduce strategies designed to subdue the worst of it. A couple of these challenges they are facing includes treating the growing number of those affected by the virus and reducing the rapid spread of infection. One thing is certain, the prescribed self isolation is starting to take a toll.

If a decentralised healthcare system was in place…

The process of isolating viral threats would be more efficient, with critical data being stored and updated on a blockchain. At the initial stages of Covid-19 data including that of the first infected individuals would have been readily accessible. Available in a similar structure to basic things such as addresses, travel history and date of diagnosis etc. Safely stored on blockchain, this data would be in place to assist in easily identifying susceptible cases. Ultimately ensuring that warnings of new infections reach those in contact with these compromised individuals.

A decentralised Alternate Ending to the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Though having experienced the Covid-19 virus, the world would quickly recover, avoiding predicaments such as unemployment since only a select few would have been affected. Scalable blockchains like the Alacrity Network are the answer. Communities and the people within have the power to develop, vote and update relevant data on the network. One of the key benefits of being a part of this decentralised network is that users and developers stand to gain performance based financial rewards. This ideal is fuelled by everyone’s dedication and contribution to the economy.

More Benefits

The benefits of this approach don’t just stop there! A decentralised economy would ensure tech Gods like Google and Facebook aren’t the only ones escaping this pandemic unscathed. Everyone within this economy is eligible for financial benefits, job security and most importantly good health! In essence, a decentralised system is effectively powered by the community, for the community!

Hopefully this gives you a lot to think about and if you find yourself swayed and enticed by the many benefits of a decentralised community simply follow the path towards a brighter future. 

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