Every great movement begins with the community; where a group of people identifies a problem, engage in dialogue and deliberation, and then act along for its execution. Since the launch of Bitcoin, this process has brought the most innovative blockchain projects into mainstream adoption. The third-generation blockchain platforms are now endeavouring to improve the ongoing “scalability and user-friendly” issues.

But, in order to make blockchain more commercially active, many of these platforms are sacrificing the promise of decentralisation, and are creating one single point of failure. It should be understood that the future of the decentralised internet is entirely dependent on community-building and decentralised financial infrastructure.


A motivated community is an important medium for the transition to mainstream adoption. On the other hand, decentralised rewards or financial infrastructure is important in keeping the true potential of blockchain fulfilled.  


What exactly is a User-Friendly Blockchain or a “next-generation blockchain”?


A user-friendly blockchain basically solves 3 basic problems, like…


Transactions through human-readable addresses

Blockchain-based wallets and exchanges have encrypted user-addresses. Complex, and hard to remember. Because of this long-form encrypted addresses, chances of wrong and irreversible transactions increase. According to a survey conducted by BlockCAT, around 11% of people have had the experience of misplaced/wrong transactions.


The solution to this is a DNS-like system for blockchains. An example- 


Previous Wallet address– 17Rts7fvY9848w3874DirzAbFX57j858yfx.

New Human Readable Address– Collette


Does Alacrity Network, offer this? YES 


Stronger processing power and greater bandwidth

At present, a majority of blockchains do not offer greater capacity to host big applications as the bandwidth is restricted. Scalable blockchains offer this freedom or ability to import data from external sources. An example- Alacrity Network is making a difference as a scalable blockchain. Along with offering freedom to developers to create decentralised applications on a scalable blockchain, Alacrity also offers-


  1. Decentralised storage arranged with user-controlled access and cryptographic verification

  2. Integrated Decentralised Oracle enables the developer to get data from the outside world.

  3. An Application store that makes it easy for users to find and manage new DaPPS

  4. A series of SDK tools to assist developers in building DaPPS


A Decentralised Economy

A decentralised internet, is truly decentralised when the technology is accessible to anyone who is interested in improving and building it. Community members should be able to update or vote for the network’s governance. The idea of a community-driven blockchain would be successful only if the community members are in full control of the governance of the network.


For example

Alacrity incentivises all of its community members for their participation in the network. Developers who have build successful applications (dependent on user engagment) enjoy a financial reward system like ALA coins-convertible into FIAT. More, community members who voted for the governance campaigns can also enjoy direct rewards.


“A decentralised web offers a strong level of privacy and security, that is not available on the Internet. This turns the tables on companies like Facebook and Google. How? By placing users in primary control of their data, rather than handing it to the organizations and trusting them with it. Alacrity is our effort to flag off a truly decentralised internet.”–Adil Abbas-CEO (Alacrity)


Final Words

The third generation of blockchain can only be taken to a certain point by the core team. What is needed for its greater success or widespread adoption, is how the network empowers the community. Decentralised governance, will eliminate any chances of corruption with the network, enhance accountability, and promote collective participation in a transparent manner.


Sounds something you would like to be a part of?


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